A: There are two most common types of joint pain, and they don’t respond well to the same therapy. For a diagnosis for what is causing your joint pain you must see your doctor. Radiant Wonder does not treat disease, instead addresses symptoms only.

1.  Joint pain with feelings of heat.

Food Therapy: this type of joint pain can be aggravated by eating nightshades, because nightshades have neurotoxins (toxins that affect the nerves). We have an in-depth article on our Blog about Nightshades. These are the foods included: eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, the herb Ashwaganda, any kind of pepper. You can run a 3 month experiment. Stop eating all of these foods for 3 months. This will not cure arthritis if that is your diagnosis, but you may find dramatic relief from the pain. It takes 3 months for the neurotoxins to release so you can see results.
Herbal Therapy: Organic Spirulina and our formula Clear Heat are both anti-inflammatory and will help bring down the inflammation.

2.  Joint pain that is aggravated by cold or cold/damp weather, often affecting only on one side of your body.

Food therapy: avoid cold, raw foods, restrict sugar, and avoid being in damp cold places. Eat and drink lots or warm foods and drinks.
Herbal Therapy: Muscle and Joint Health #2 with the bone strengthener Osteo Pro 3000.

Also, in Chinese Medicine we never address only your pain. We also want to address your overall vitality, helping you to have more energy, sleep better, eat better and feel stronger. The healthier and stronger you are the easier it is for your body to start turning things around. Don’t miss doing your Radiant Eight Energy Exercises daily. We also always recommend Omega 3 for any joint issues.