I’ve taken a lot of other natural herbal formulas. I am really curious why there seems to be a big difference in my results.


A: First: there is great value in “time-tested” herbal formulas. Time-tested means used by people over and over for a long time. It means if there was something not right about the formula that it was adjusted already.

This is why our formulas are safe and effective with no known negative side effects. Some of these formulas are a hundred years old. Others are hundreds of years in use. This is a big reason why you can trust them to work. They have been refined and perfected over time.

Second: They are formulas, not single herbs.

The Chinese know that certain combinations of herbs have been found to have actions that are greater and more balanced than the actions of the individual herbs alone.

This is the profound foundation of Chinese Herbalism. It is not like Western herbalism where herbs that treat one issue are all combined in a bottle, with no consideration of how they work together. We call these ‘herbal cocktails’

Third: Herbs are not forcing the body to make changes, overtaking its natural functioning.. What they are doing is supporting the body’s own ability to heal, to rebalance. The deep nutrition of the right herbal formulas added to a good lifestyle and diet can bring very positive deep and lasting changes.

Finally, of course, is quality. The difference in your results is also attributed to the difference in quality from one company to another. You may be taking the same Chinese formula, but who made it? And how was it made.

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