Answer: Great questions. And this is fun to understand.

The way to more energy right now is through your digestion recovering quickly. The energy you run on everyday is ATP production in your gut.

If you don’t generate enough energy in your gut, you are running on your adrenal system (your savings account of energy).

The energy of a cold or flu vs the energy of the antibiotic.

You are getting sick. Usually it starts out as a virus. The doctor can not give you an antibiotic because that is only for a bacterial infection. The phlegm you cough up will be clear or white. That sticky phlegm begins to create heat inside because it is thick and stuck. Heat begins to develop inside. Bacteria grows in heat. The phlegm turns yellow or green. Now you know it is a bacterial infection. Now he can give you an antibiotic.

A bacterial infection is always a heat condition. Bacteria grows in heat. The energy of an antibiotic is extreme cold (Western Medicine never does anything half way). So the cold antibiotic knocks out the bacterial infection.

Why do you have digestive troubles?

The flora has been damaged, so a probiotic is good. But bigger than that is the extreme cold (which is the freezing antibiotic you just put into your digestive system).

What does your digestion hate? COLD!

So your tummy starts talking to you……”help me!” What you can do to quickly recover your strength after the cold is over: Make a point of having lots of warm/hot foods and drink. Nothing cold for a couple of weeks (your tummy just overdosed on cold.)

Follow the herbal routine below.

Excellent homemade tea: Ginger & Cinnamon Tea (don’t leave the bag in too long or you will gag! I like to just use a cinnamon stick in the cup and reuse it all day).