I have been taking Clear Flow and Cinnamon and Poria plus following the Radiant Wonder Fertility Plan. I do the energy exercises everyday, eat my greens, cut out the cold, cold food and drink, do the hot water detox, and do the fertility massage for the proper week each month. Sometimes I just can’t afford to buy the herbs. Do they stop working?

A: Thank you so much for asking this question. I’m sure you are not the only one who wonders.

Let me first tell you the story of Romy, here is the email she sent me. I never knew who she was until we received this email. It made me so happy. Of course, I called her to celebrate.

“Hi to Amanda and everyone at Radiant Wonder. I am sorry I did not thank you sooner. It have just been so busy. We just welcomed our miracle baby boy, Marc, on April 22nd. Everything went great. I am 44. It was a long wait.

When I started Radiant Wonder both of my tubes were blocked and I had had 2 ectopic pregnancies. We had been trying for many years.

My last hope was trying Radiant Wonder. I did everything for 16 months. Still no baby. I got discouraged. Money was tight. So I stopped the herbs. I did another HSG. The tubes were still blocked.

Instead of making me quit, the attitude of the doctors made me more determined. Even when I was off the herbs I never stopped doing everything else. So, I came back in August and took the herbs again. In October I tested positive. The rest is history!”
–Romy T., Madison, WI

Does your body stop healing if you have to stop the herbs?

Remember these special herbal formulas are not drugs, which override body functions.Your formulas are created from living plants. They are food. We like to call them ‘’super’’ food.

If you changed your diet for a month or two, would your body stop working? No.

You can think of your herbs as fertilizer is to a plant. If you stopped giving the plant fertilizer, would the plant stop growing? No. Of course, it would still need water and sunlight, just as your body still needs the Fertility Plan.

One half of the power of your program is the herbal formulas. One half of the power of your program is the Radiant Wonder Fertility Plan.

If you stop the herbs temporarily but continue the Fertility Plan you are not going backwards. Things will still be moving forward.