A: Stress zaps energy and throws off your hormones. So “yes” it is a big deal. But we know how to help you. You know that stress drains your energy. You can feel it. We believe that stress is easily the most under diagnosed contributing factor to an inability to get pregnant. No doctor will ever tell you your stress levels are throwing off your natural hormonal balance.

This is why half of your Radiant Wonder Program is herbal formulas, and the other half is techniques we call Power Tips to de-stress and energize your body. The stronger you are the less stress will affect you. Your body will resist getting pregnant if you are under a lot of stress. The body’s first priority is to keep you out of danger. And the hormones that are released when you are under chronic stress actually produce other hormones that keep you from getting pregnant. Help your liver process the stress. Make sure your program includes a formula that supports liver function. You can take any one of these formulas. It is also fine to take one for a month and then switch to another. Don’t take more than one per month. They are safe and effective for anyone. You’ll feel a difference because your stress level will diminish.
Fertility Cleanse Formula
Liver Tonic 3000 (also increases sexual fluids and cervical mucus)
Cycle Balancing Formula
Stress Relief
Classic Cleansing Formula (can also help to lessen hot flashes)

Your powerful destressing, energizing tips:

  • The Radiant Eight Energy Exercises
  • Radiant Wonder Fertility Massage
  • The once-a-week Hot Water Detox
  • Eating and drinking more warm, nothing cold before 11am

We offer you these techniques for free, because we know that the combination of the deep nutrition of the herbal formulas combined with the energy techniques will help you heal so much faster. Don’t underestimate the Power Tips. We want you to succeed and we know the difference these can make in your life.