A: So if you understand your condition has heat you will know the energy of the antibiotic. Cold! And what does your digestive system hate! Too much cold. So what you can do is help the digestive system maintain balance by being careful not to add more cold to your drinks and your food while on the antibiotics. Cook with black pepper or some ginger. Warmth but not over spicy just temporarily.

Cinnamon Tea (don’t leave the bag in too long or you will gag! I like to just use a cinnamon stick in the cup and reuse it all day).

Products that can help:

Don’t take them all! Just the one that sounds best for now. For any of them: 2 capsules after each meal for 2 weeks.

A good combination is Calm Digestion plus one of the others. This will powerfully help you to come back and not be a new breeding ground for the bacteria.

  • Calm Digestion: Helps you to digest any food (read the description), also has Massa Fermentata in it, which has probiotic-like effects.