A: Traditional Chinese Medicine recognizes the feelings, experiences and symptoms which preface disease. These indications are what we call “subclinical.” It was actually an energetic imbalance that was causing your anxiety and palpitations. If the energetic issue had not been addressed, those symptoms could have later developed into something more serious.

Energetic imbalances will not show up on tests, but you still experience symptoms. These symptoms are your body trying to communicate with you, asking for help. If the call for help is ignored long enough, it will escalate into a greater health concern, and that’s when Western Medicine can diagnose the problem.

The good news is, Chinese Medicine can resolve your energetic imbalances, addressing the root of the problem, before it escalates. That’s why our herbs helped your palpitations and anxiety.

Now, let’s look at why you were experiencing these symptoms.

Two conditions came together to cause your palpitations:


1. Your body was tired on a very deep level. Chinese Medicine specializes in recovery from deep fatigue.

2. Your Heart was missing specific nutrition. In this case, it is missing what Chinese Medicine calls “Yin.” Lack of Heart Yin can also cause both temporary palpitations and anxiety. We know your feelings of anxiety were rooted in the heart energy center, because you were experiencing heart palpitations.

Restore Energy is a favorite formula used recover from the deep tiredness.

Calm Energy contains nutrition needed to restore your heart energy center.

These herbal formulas simply helped your body to have the energy it needed to heal, and then gave it the deep nutrition it needed to restore your Heart Yin. As you did, it is best to continue the formulas for a few months following the resolution of the symptoms. Then stop and see if your body is strong enough to handle things on its own. If not, go back for a few months and stop again. Your body will get stronger over time.

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