My progress has been amazing since starting the Radiant Wonder herbs. I had a case of Ashermans Syndrome where my menstruation stopped for seven months and I had very severe pains in my uterus and cervix. It has taken me four months to become pain free. My doctor told me that I have a damaged uterus from a D&C where my previous doctor scraped away most of my uterus by a mistake.

The herbs have helped me recover – I still have scanty periods but at least I get them – a sign something very good is happening. From this month we are starting to try again for our first child. I think if it were not for the herbs, I would possibly still be in continuous pain and my uterus would be in a worse condition. I really do thank Radiant Wonder for all their support as well and thank heaven for people who bring safe and powerful natural products to the market to help us heal when the doctors have done all they can.


Sacramento, CA



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