I wrote in to share my story with Radiant Wonder some time ago. I was so excited about the significant changes that I had noticed — for example, I was no longer feeling so depressed and my hands and feet were not so cold anymore — that I had forgotten to add some things.

I suppose sometimes when so many things have been going wrong for so long and you have been working on it so much that when a lot of things start to improve at once it is hard to remember exactly where you started. One of the major things I had forgotten to include was how much my sex life had improved. Sex was not pleasurable because its always painful in my womb. I would have to hold my womb tightly during sex but now I can do other things with my hands because the pain is no longer there. Now I can enjoy sex! I mentioned previously that my body is damaged from years of sickness, but after a few months on the herbs, I am healthier!

Thank you Radiant Wonder.

Ruth E.

Charlotte, NC