Morphology was a word I had never heard before. Poor morphology. My sperm were malformed. That was a heavy day. Then I was reading an article in a magazine about male fertility and Radiant Wonder was listed as a resource. I thought, ok that is a place I can talk about this without anyone knowing me.

We changed my program once or twice. I always took Male Fertility formula. I also took a second product, sometimes Men’s Virility Formula and sometimes Men’s Sexual Vitality and I always did the exercises – it worked. My wife and I decided to give it six months and we would test again. We wanted to do the fertility procedures but we didn’t want to waste the money if my sperm couldn’t do the job. What happened? My sperm looked normal again. The percent normal went way past the 30 percent mark the doctor was looking for. And we were successful with the first try at IUI.

Today our John is 6 months old — healthy and strong.

John O.

Sante Fe, NM