Anxiety-Relief I would awaken 3-4 times during the night. Short of breath. It was like the air would not flow. And I could not breathe. So I had to go down the stairs, open the door, and breathe the fresh air, and then drink water. I thought I was having asthma. Or I thought it was my heart. One day I even had to call 911. They came here at 6 o’clock in the morning. It happened like this for three weeks every time in the night. And in the morning I wake up and I don’t have air. So I thought it was because I closed the bedroom door, so I opened the door. It still kept happening. This was on top of a history of panic attacks and palpitations.

My panic attacks had been going on for 2 years. I had been in the ER many times for that. I spent 2 days in the hospital while they ran all kinds of tests — heart test, stress test, ekg. Everything came up negative. I also used to have palpitations that would last for 2-3 days at a time.

Then for three months I had something in my right chest. It was a feeling like something was stuck, then it was in my stomach. I felt it traveling like it was going down and then up and down. It is like the feeling you are going to have a heart attack. The doctor said it was an esophageal spasm and there was nothing they could do. The doctor said there was nothing permanent they could do for that. They could do surgery, but there was no guarantee it would not come back. I used to have it for 3 months and sometimes it would be everyday for a week. Every time the doctor told me it was stress.

Every time would go to the doctor he said that there was nothing wrong with me. It was all just stress. All these strong symptoms were just stress. I have been to the doctor more than 5-6 times. He wanted to give me Xanax or Zoloff. I took Zoloff and it almost killed me. Oh my God. Muscle pain in my back and my arm, tingling in my arm, my shoulder. Upper back tingling, tick, tick tic, and then sometimes a wave of heat.

So I found Radiant Wonder. I started taking Calm Spirit and Calm Energy. It took 2 weeks. No sign it was getting better for 2 weeks and then everything stopped. When I took these herbs it was like a miracle. After 2 weeks all the negative symptoms were completely gone.

They have not come back. It has been 2 months and they have not come back. No panic attacks. I can sleep through the night without shortness of breath. No palpitations. No esophageal spasms. It is completely amazing.

I am still taking the herbs everyday. I carry them in my purse because I want to be sure my body is strong enough it will not come back when I stop the herbs. I am going to take them for 6 months so I can feel safe starting to get off them. Also now I am doing much more. I am working. I am going to school. And still I have a lot of stress going on, but it is under control. Sometimes I used to feel that I am boiling up inside. No more. Now, I know I have stresses, but I don’t feel it. And now? No more panic attacks. No more palpitations. No more terrifying nights. I am free at last.

Oh my God I feel so good inside now. I always wished I could find something. I used to have a normal life. What will it take to get me back to normal again? And now I feel so good.

Ms. Jordan J.

Edmonton, Alberta, CA