Reoccuring-MiscarriagesPrevious miscarriages left me angry, pissed, irritated, hormonal, agitated… I hated to be around myself!

The shift to feeling great was so fast, I still don’t believe it! ”You could have bought me with a penny!”

First let me say I am a happy camper! Before taking Stress Relief I was angry, pissed, irritated, hormonal, agitated, etc. I basically hated to be around myself. My body had taken a toll because of previous miscarriages, weight gain and just all around stress. I had no energy. I was tired all of the time and just plain miserable! UGH! My last miscarriage in September of last year totally did a wreck on my psyche.

I contacted Radiant Wonder in March and decided that I should be on Stress Relief and Spirulina. Well it took no time for me to get my two products from Radiant Wonder and started taking them the very next day.

Immediately after taking the Stress Relief I felt like something had happened to me. Something very comfortable, yet really deep had shifted. Now a few weeks later? I don’t lose my temper. I’m calmer, happier, have more energy, sleep better, NO MORE BRAIN FOG, and I have patience! My husband and kids have noticed a definite shift in my personality and love it. I’m almost out of Stress Relief but I’m ordering asap.

Amanda all I can say is thank you a million times over. I can’t wait to work with you to get pregnant!!!

Pia T.

College Park, MD