Texas-Allergy-ReliefI wanted to thank Radiant Wonder for your help with my allergies.

I have always suffered with allergies especially during the seasons change. I could barely breathe at times it was so bad. I felt tired and it zapped my energy. It also would at times affect my work.

I am a tactical Police officer SRT ( Special Response Officer ) here in Houston, TX and need to be alert, especially during work. During allergy season it is hard to do because the allergies make me feel very tired. I tried every OTC medication and only one seemed to help it was pseudoephrine HCL 30 milligrams. I was taking up to 120 mg a day so basically 4 pills a day. After reading about the side effects of this I decided to look to alternative meds and came across you website.

Here is the program that worked for me :

1st week: I took Herbal Allergy Relief and Breathe Free together. Herbal Allergy Relief 2x day and Breathe Free 2x day

2nd week: I took Herbal Allergy Relief was 3pills a day and Breathe Free 2 pills a day total of 5 pills

3rd week: I took Herbal Allergy Relief and Breathe Free one time day.

4th week: just Herbal Allergy Relief 1x day, but also started taking Radiant Immune Defense 2caps 2 times a day. I believe the Radiant Immune Defense helps to build my resistance to allergens and Pollen etc.

Now I just take Radiant Immune Defense (2caps 2 times a day) and sometimes when it is cold I take 2-3 Herbal Allergy Relief to help the runny nose. I believe like you do we must get to the core of the problem. We as Americans want that quick fix. I understand it takes time for the body to heal and to adjust. I figure it will take about a year for the biggest results, but I feel great already.

Thanks for all your help and God bless.

David G.

Houston, TX