polycystic-ovarian-syndromeThank you for all your guidance, we are now blessed with a baby boy. Here is a picture of me, my husband and our bundle of joy ! I just cannot express what Radiant wonder means to us – thank you for everything. Please keep up your good work ! There are millions like me out there who would benefit from your services !! My tube was blocked. Three doctors gave up on me. Besides the blocked tube I had been diagnosed with PCOS, had irregular periods and out of balance blood work. I was so impatient. I was tired and frustrated with our situation. It had been going on for 10 years. Actually, I lost hope. I had stopped all the medicines.

Then a friend of mine said you should call this company. They are so positive and their energy is so good. There is a good and honest energy to this company. So I said, ‘ok, let me give a shot’. That is the only thing that was in my mind. Let’s give a shot, last shot. No more medications. Nothing. This is the last thing I am going to try. I started to take the herbs and then boom, boom in about 5 months things started to change.  We kept going.  It wasn’t hard to have patience anymore because I could feel my body changing.

And now I am holding our baby. I am so grateful to everyone at Radiant Wonder. The Cinnamon & Poria, I think that must have helped me a lot. I was also taking Super Fertility #3 and the Digest Ease #1. All three together were amazing. I followed the whole program (food and other suggestions). First I was so happy when my blood tests came in all normal. I was feeling so good. And then I got pregnant. How did I feel when I found I was pregnant? I was speechless. This has been so long for me. A ten years journey. And now I was pregnant. I took the pregnancy test twice and then I went to the doctor. They did the blood test. And then they left me a voice message: ‘Hey Ramya, congratulations, you are pregnant!’ My husband and I were so happy. Totally different world, and now I am holding our baby, Veer. It means ‘strong and daring boy’. We both are so happy. You can see in the picture how happy we are!


Greenfield, CT USA



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