Unblock-Fallopian-TubesDear Amanda,

It has been one year since I was told I had total blockage at the end of my Fallopian tubes. I was told there was no hope of us having any more children unless I did an IVF. Well, that was not a place I could go. It was way too expensive for Kevin and me to do anything like that.

I started looking on the internet and found Radiant Wonder. After talking I started taking Cinnamon & Poria, Free Flow, and Balance. I am not going to say it has been easy because its not. There have been times I wanted to give up, but I kept on going and hoping.

Well my prayers have been answered today. I went in to have an HSG test done today to find out if my tubes were still blocked. To my surprise, they are unblocked. They are totally opened on both sides. I am still in total shock. Thank you so very much Radiant Wonder.

Brenda and Kevin N.

Croswel, MI