Herbs-to-Unblock-Fallopian-TubesFrankly, I never believed in herbal medicines..

My wife and I are originally from India, now living here in the US. We had been trying for over 8 years to have a baby. The doctor said that one of her tubes was completely blocked, one partially blocked. We were advised to go for IVF. This we did. Twice. And twice the cycle failed.

Then I got my posting for this job in the US. When we got here we were still so depressed that we could not have a baby. My wife was searching all over the internet. When she found your site I was not believing in all of these herbal products, but because we didn’t have any other options I said, ok let us try. We ordered Cinnamon & Poria, Free Flow and the Radiant Eight Energy Exercises. Also some super fertility formula. Products for the tubes and for the fertility. She did nothing else, just ate well, exercised regularly at the gym, and did the Radiant Eight every day.

Suddenly she got pregnant. It was amazing. We were not doing any other treatment. We were so surprised. I did not believe this. First we had 2 pregnancies tests because I did not believe it.

We had so many failed pregnancies and the test was never positive. I couldn’t believe it. She kept telling me she was pregnant. So, actually, we had 3 pregnancy tests. We were beginning to believe it was true. Every test was positive. Then I took her to the doctor. The doctor took the blood test and he said yes she is pregnant. By this time, I was believing it. I remember then I called my parents back in India.

Today we are actually writing you because our baby was born one year ago on December 11th 2008, and now we are looking to have another baby. We were wishing so much for a baby girl for our first baby, and God blessed us with a baby girl. Now we are wishing for a boy. So we are calling to share our joy and to order some more products.

Frankly I never believed in herbal medicines. When she said Radiant Wonder, I said well, ok yes. No one could have been more surprised. Now we are so grateful.

I really want to thank you, and thank you from my heart. We are both so thankful to you for having such good products for being so caring and helpful to your customers. Please post this picture of our beautiful daughter, Meenakshi, that other couples may take know that here at Radiant Wonder there is real value.

Thank you with all our hearts.

Mihir and Manju

Plano, TX