I was so depressed when I called you. I had just had a Hysterosalpingogram, where they put the dye in and watch to see if it comes through to the uterus. I was told I had no chance of becoming pregnant because there was not only no dye coming through but also there was fluid in the tube (hydrosalpinx). My only chance was an expensive procedure we could not afford. I read your website and it didn’t guarantee me success, but it gave me real information about the possibilities. I decided to try the herbs and the massage and also do the Radiant Eight Energy Exercises you recommended. I did not know if anything was happening, of course. However there were other good benefits, like having some more energy, sleeping better, and actually easily going to the bathroom everyday for a change. So I told myself it no matter what it was not a complete waste. I just did the exercises and tried to stay positive for 3 month, which was often a struggle. I just kept seeing the doctor’s face and hearing her words. However after 3 months passed I tested again and to the doctor’s amazement the dye went through the tubes. I don’t know what will happen now, but I am continuing to do the exercises because I don’t want them to close up again.. We are doing other herbs to increase my fertility. Thank you for giving me a chance again.


Miami, Florida