Breast-PainHi, my name is Paula.

I am 35 years old, and 5 years ago I found 2 little cysts in my breast.

At that time my doctor told me the cyst was almost normal. So I took some precautions, but did not worry very much. Then two years ago one of the cysts started growing. Its size was almost 1 1/2” in diameter. I was able to see it. And it was scary. The skin on my left breast became red and the pain was unbearable. After mammograms and ultrasounds my doctor decided to drain the cyst. I felt so great after that. Unfortunately it started growing again, getting to its original size in less than two months! I became scared, sad and disappointed.

I saw two more doctors and they recommended surgical removal of the cyst, given that it needed to be drained too often. Surgery, however, did not make sense to me. Nothing guarantees that I won’t get new cysts again. So I decided first to try something else. I was familiar with the quality of Radiant Wonder. Calm Energy helped me a lot when I quit smoking. I had made it part of my personal treatment at that time. So right after the doctor drained my cyst (March of this year), I started taking Classic Cleansing and doing the recommended skin brushing daily. At this time (October) I am still having cysts, but they are slowly shrinking and haven’t needed to be drained for 7 months!

Of course none of these herbal formulas only help you in one way. Classic Cleansing and the skin brushing has been a process that has also helped me change other habits, and that also makes me feel better. I have more energy. My skin glows. I have a growing peace of mind. I finally feel I have this problem under control.

Thank you so much. Nothing else worked for me before.

Paula H.

San Francisco, CA