Normal-Cholesterol-LevelsOver the last couple of years I have taken many different formulas, talking with my herbalist from time to time, as I changed my goals and my formulas. I am a middle school teacher and often under a LOT of stress. I have told so many people about you. How effective your herbal formulas have been for me. I believe in what you are doing because I know that your formulas work. I know herbs. I also know if the formulas are really good, they are the way to go. Yours are very high quality and the form they are in they really work. Right now, I am taking herbs to support my energy and reduce my stress: Digestive Energizer, Transition I, Super Nourishing and Free and Clear. Free and Clear is new to my program. I have taken Harmony, Stress Relief or Balance in the past for easing the tension which builds up during the day. I really like Harmony a lot, but now I also like Free and Clear. How can I describe it? I would say I feel less dragged down. It just lets me naturally feel good.

Also, I have some great news to report. My cholesterol dropped 50 points in 3 months! I won’t test again until January, so at that time I’ll let you know how things have continued to progress. I started taking Cholest-X mid-May this year. By the beginning of August my cholesterol had dropped 50 points. It went from 265 to 205.

In April I went to the doctor for a physical. They did the regular blood work and they found that my cholesterol was 265. The doctor said I would have to be on medication. I protested medication. I didn’t want to be on medication so I asked if could use diet. He would give me until the middle of July. That was only 3 months. He said if I didn’t get it under control in 3 months he would put me on medication. So I contacted you and started taking Cholest-X and CO Q10. I went back in the middle of July . He did another blood test and he looked at it and my cholesterol had dropped to 215! So it dropped 50 points. And he said looks like you are doing great, just keep doing what you are doing. I made some dietary changes, but my diet has always been good. I know that the Cholest-X made a big difference.

Judith P.