natural-ways-to-reduce-cholesterolMy husband, Sam’s cholesterol was 284 before starting the Radiant Wonder Healthy Living Program. His medical doctor had put him on 10 mgs of Zocor. The cholesterol moved a little, but not much. The doctor doubled the dose. The Zocor was helping, but not enough. Sam’s cholesterol was fluctuating a lot. So Sam started looking for supportive programs. He traded information with his friends who had the same problem. He tried Guggul, and anything else that looked promising. Nothing seemed to work.

Then, Sam heard about Radiant Wonder through a friend of mine. For six months Sam used our cholesterol-reducing Cholest-X, Zocor, and Radiant Wonder Exercises. His cholesterol dropped to 164. He and his doctor were thrilled. At this point, Sam switched to the maintenance program for Cholest-X, and continued a reduced amount of Zocor.

His Cholesterol drifted up to 184 – which he and the doctor considered a very good level. Sam told his doctor he wanted to see what would happen without the Zocor, to see if he could keep things in line with exercise and diet. Sam has now kept the same cholesterol level (of low 180’s) for over a year. He never skips his Radiant Eight Exercises, eats well, and exercises daily. After his next check up he stopped the Cholest-X, too. And his numbers are still in line. His herbalist told him the goal is to help the body ‘get back on the job’ — to rebalance itself. We are so grateful.

Sam H.

Cleveland, OH



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