What Is Testosterone?

man on top of mountain hiking Testosterone is a hormone. When you go through puberty, testosterone helps to build your muscles, deepens your voice and increases the size of your penis and testicles.

When you enter adulthood, it keeps your bones and muscles strong.

It also maintains your interest in having sex.

Why Does It Decline?

After the age of around 30, it is normal for testosterone levels to gradually decline. This is often accompanied by a gradual drop in your sex drive. Many men see this decline as a part of ageing.

However, low testosterone in young men should be assessed by an endocrinologist.

If you are in your twenties, thirties or early forties and you are having problems with getting an erection, you may have an underlying health issue which can be addressed.

Low T – How Low Is Too Low?

The low end of a man’s normal testosterone levels is around 300 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL).

The upper limit is about 800ng/dL.

A low score does not always give rise to symptoms but a score of 200 or 100 ng/dL usually indicates an underlying cause.

Hypogonadism is the medical term for when your body doesn’t produce enough testosterone.

Low Testosterone Symptoms

According to Western Medicine

• Excessive fatigue
• Feeling weaker than usual
• Feeling depressed
• Losing or lost interest in sex

Low testosterone scores can cause a drop in the density of bones. This makes them more fragile and prone to breaking.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Having a yin or yang deficiency can make you feel tired and miserable

*Yin Deficient Pattern

• Feeling tired, but also wired up…
• This leads to a poor night’s sleep. tired irritable man rubbing his eyes
• Feeling irritable
• Feeling restless
• Feeling worried
• Sweating more than usual

**Yang Deficient Pattern

• Fall asleep easily
• Feel as if you need much more sleep
• Feeling cold
• Lacking in energy
• Emotionally flat
• Feeling low
• Feeling depressed

Causes of Low Testosterone

According to Western Medicine

• Aging
• Overweight and obese men tend to have lower testosterone levels. This is because excess fat on the belly converts testosterone to estrogen.
• Type 2 diabetes
• Receiving an injury to the testicles
• Some medicines
• genetic conditions
• Infection
• Hormonal disorders
• Chronic liver or kidney disease
• Testicular cancer (or treatment for testicular cancer)

According to Eastern Medicine

According to Eastern Medicine, low testosterone is an energy issue.
There are two patterns of Chinese Medicine that can cause low testosterone. You may be deficient in Yin energy or Yang energy.

*Yin Deficient Pattern

1. Your whole system (adrenal, nervous and endocrine) is over stimulated.
If you’re continually wired up and hyperactive, then your life and lifestyle are using up too much of your deep energy reserves.
Burning the candle at both ends will lead to this pattern.

**Yang Deficient Pattern

2. Your whole system (adrenal, nervous and endocrine) is weak and tired.
If your system is weak and tired, you may have severely depleted your deep reserve energy. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this deep energy reserve is called your Jing.

When your Jing runs low, you’ll feel like you’re running on empty.

Depleting your Jing energy can affect every part of your daily life and your relationships

Jing Energy

This is the energetic powerhouse of your entire body.

It’s in charge of your adrenal glands, your sex hormones, your vitality and sexual vitality, the development of your bones, your mental focus and your will power.

It’s the energy source that you dig deep to find when you feel that you have nothing left.

The Chinese have spent thousands of years finding special herbs and using special exercises to generate, protect and renew Jing energy.

Western Treatment

Treatment to improve Fertility – and Why it’s not the Answer

Treatment is sometimes considered if you’re experiencing symptoms related to low testosterone.

If low testosterone is a problem for a couple who are trying to get pregnant, testosterone replacement therapy is commonly used.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy


• Improves sex drive
• Lifts depression

…and Risks

• Can raise your red blood cell count
• Can enlarge your breasts
• Can accelerate growth of the prostate
• Not suitable for men who have or have had breast cancer

Why it is Given and How is it Given

This is given to increase testosterone which stimulates the production of sperm and to increase their motility (how well they can swim).

The therapy involves getting testosterone into your bloodstream using one of the many testosterone supplements.

This is accomplished using testosterone injections (such as testosterone cypionate), testosterone pills, wearing a testosterone patch, gels or the implantation of testosterone pellets. In the latter treatment, several pellets are implanted in the buttocks – just under the skin. They release testosterone for three to four months.

Why Testosterone Replacement Therapy is Not the Best Treatment

Testosterone plays an important part in making sperm.

Your brain makes many hormones, including gonadotropin-releasing hormones (GnRH). These particular hormones send messages to your testes, telling them to make more testosterone.

Having the right amount of testosterone is necessary for a healthy sperm count.Testosterone Replacement Therapy is available as injections, patches, pills and pellets but it may not be the best treatment for you

But – when your brain sees the rise in testosterone, it thinks that you have enough – so it stops sending messages to your testes.

types of testosterone replacement therapy

The irony is that when your testes don’t make more testosterone, your sperm production becomes low. A low sperm count makes it more difficult to create a baby.

Many Endocrinologists now recognize that when testosterone comes into your body from the outside, it may actually lower the amount of sperm that your body produces.

Eastern Treatment

For thousands of years, Traditional Chinese Medicine has recognized that the key to improving testosterone levels is not external but internal.

The best testosterone booster is your own body. It has the ability to heal itself but it needs help from you to do that.

We can help you to give your body the best nutrition and the most appropriate exercise to make you feel better than you have done in years. And there are no side effects or risks.


• Improves energy
• Lifts depression
• Increases levels of testosterone
• Increases libido
• Helps you to sleep better

and Risks

• None

Read Adam’s inspiring 5 Star Testimonial

Low testosterone Testimonial An inspiring 5 star testimonial from one of Radiant Wonder’s clients whose sperm motility leapt from 3 to 40 percent in four months

Three Steps to Success

Get free advice from a health care profession trained in Chinese Medicine. Then you will know

• that you are working with exactly the right herbal formulas
• the best foods to support you
• which special medical Chi Gong Exercises are the most important for you to do

Step One

Build your Jing energy back up with special herbal formulas.

We recommend:

Deer Antler Velvet

Men’s Virility

Power Up!

Step Two

Adjust your diet and lifestyle so you are not working against yourself.

Step Three

Do special Medical Chi Gong exercises to release blockage and let the energy you are building flow again.

What You Can do That Will Help

If you want to speed up your healing, you want to be aware of everything that can help you!


You’ve probably been not sleeping enough or not sleeping deeply enough.

• Did you know that after midnight your body has to work three times as hard as it does during the day – even if you are just sitting there?

• According to Chinese Medicine 11pm to 3am is the time of deepest restoration and renewal.

• Aim for 6-7 hours of sleep. Your hormone levels depend on that cycle.


Did you know that regular alcohol consumption will lower your levels of testosterone?

This is because alcohol (like belly fat) converts testosterone into estrogen.

Stress may be caused by low energy, chronic anxieties, poor sleep and having a sleep deficit

stressed and depressed young man Stress

Stress may be caused by long term challenges and by you not having enough vitality and flexibility to meet the challenge.

Challenge is not bad. Without challenge there is no success in life. If you are strong and flexible you are resilient and you can handle challenges and bounce back.

This is why Chinese Medicine will create a program for you to renew the overall vitality of your whole body. Then you can handle challenge and not have it deplete your testosterone.

Stress may also be caused by chronic worries and anxiety. This condition causes a blockage of energy flow in the body, which Chinese Medicine calls Energy Stagnation. Hormonal levels (including testosterone levels) are dramatically affected by Energy Stagnation.


Our highly trained and experienced herbalists can create you an ideal program that is both

o herbal (balancing and harmonizing herbs)
o physical (special medical chi gong exercises to release energy stagnation.)


If you do too little, your testosterone levels will stay low.

If you do too much, your levels will be depleted – dramatically depleted over time.

Sexual activity…is Exercise

If you do too little, your testosterone levels will stay low.

If you do too much, your levels will be depleted – dramatically depleted over time.

Pharmaceutical Drugs

Certain Western pharmaceutical drugs have well known effects on testosterone levels. Consult with your doctor.

How Long Before I See Results?

In Chinese Medicine the treatment is not to simply fill you up with testosterone-generating herbs. It is a whole body treatment. Radiant Wonder can make you feel better than you have done for years.

If you can

• renew and recharge your entire energy system

• break down energy stagnation and

• build up power

…then your sexual vitality can be renewed and restored.

Re Test your Testosterone Levels

The majority of our customers get their testosterone levels checked in around four months and discover that they are normal again.