muscle-spasm-in-upper-backMy name is Kurt and I work on a Mississippi riverboat as an engineer. In many ways it is a great life. I love being out on the river, and I also love being paid really well, and then getting off for 6 months. Last summer when I was on leave my girlfriend was with me when all of a sudden I started getting intense cramping in my shoulders and back. This happens to me when I get hot sometimes. She told me to take 5-6 of some capsules she had. It was amazing. The cramping got less and then within half an hour it was gone. I told her I needed some of that stuff for the boat. That stuff was a formula called Peony & Licorice, a safe and natural blood builder and cramping relaxer.

You see on the boat I am an engineer. I keep things working. A lot of my work can be in the engine room, where the temperature can be as high as 160-170 degrees. By the time I get out of there I am begging for air conditioning and I am exhausted. So I find a cool place, lie down, and then the cramping starts. It is so intense. I am so exhausted, but I am in such pain I can’t relax at all. I also crawl into places you have no business being in to fix something that needs to be fixed, using muscles you don’t ever use, and reaching out to do things in positions no one ever dreamed of. Peony & Licorice is absolutely amazing. If I take 5-6 Peony & Licorice the cramping relaxes down and stops. Sometimes I take them in advance if I know I am going to be working in the engine room. That also helps. Often I don’t cramp at all if I do that. I like that this is so safe with no side effects.

Radiant Wonder herbs are pretty cool. So far I have had great results with Cholest-X, and lowered my blood pressure. I am working with my doctor. He knows what I am doing but I’m not taking the drugs. Oh another thing. When my girl and I were deer hunting I started feeling really sick. I was definitely getting a cold. She whipped out this bottle of Stop It Cold! I took 3 capsules and then continued with 3 more capsules 3 times a day for 3 days more. Never got that cold at all. So I keep a bottle of that on the boat, too. Now I’m taking some Thermo Max #2 and Energy Boost to see if I can speed up the weight loss a little.

Kurt H.

Spencer, NE