For a long time I have had cramping in my legs like that Restless Legs they talk about. I can tell you it is a very uncomfortable way to live. You never get a good night’s sleep. The leg cramps could happen in the day, but the worst starts in the evening when you are tired and trying to relax. You want to be still and your legs want to dance. It sounds funny but it is anything but.

If you sit or lie down it starts. If you get up and move it gets better. But night time is not the time to get up and move. How can I describe it? It is sort of like tightness, but also like something crawling deep in your legs. And it never stops. You want to move them to get some relief. Sometimes that helps, sometimes it doesn’t. You are exhausted and you really want to sleep. You try, but you are moving your legs off and on all night. Your sleep is always tossing and turning and a very restless sleep. And in the middle of the night you can feel a little mental when your legs are always having to move and everyone else is asleep. And during the day you feel completely exhausted.

Due to Radiant Wonder my restless legs are now getting better. It is kind of amazing. I take Peony and Licorice to help me with the cramping.

To my amazement my leg cramps are completely gone. After taking Peony and Licorice for less than a week my leg cramps were gone. I was told it might show up again, but when I take the Peony and Licorice everyday it hasn’t come back yet. I am just so grateful to be sleeping! And so happy to be getting my energy back.

Mary Alice T.

Knoxville, TN