Pulled-Muscle-In-LegGood morning Amanda and team!

Just wanted to give you an update….

Ever since I’ve been taking the Peony & Licorice, I have not had any more cramping at all! As a matter of fact, I used to have leg pain in the morning for a couple of hours and now that’s gone as well! I am elated!

I just wanted to rave about the Peony & Licorice. Oh my goodness! I love this stuff! I started working out again on Monday of this week and I was doing fine until Tuesday when I thought I could conquer Jillian Michaels and her workout dvd. Well of course Jillian won and I ended up with a very painful pulled muscle in my inner thigh. It was so painful that I could hardly walk and it was the worst! I had left my Peony & Licorice at home by accident on Wednesday, however when I got home I took three that evening. When I woke up yesterday I walked the dog and got ready for work, not once realizing that I had no pain! It was like I never had pulled anything! It was amazing! No soreness, no pain, no nothing! I know it was the Peony & Licorice because I have pulled muscles before and trust me, they never went away within hours like this one did. Once again, I am grateful for your products and I am hooked for life!

Thanks again Ladies!!! Have a great Friday!

Your friend for life! đŸ™‚

Erika B.