A: There are 3 things at play here:

1. A free flow of energy. This is why Chinese Medicine concentrates so much on de-stressing. There are herbs to destress the tightness left in the body after (or while) we are dealing with life’s challenges. There are also very specific exercises like the Radiant 8 Energy Exercises, or Radiant Wonder Fertility Massage. When there is truly a free flow of energy, there is no pain.

2. Pain is caused by a blockage of energy. When it comes to the menses the warm blood wants to flow and it is being blocked. So pain occurs.

3. Figure out what kind of energy blockage is creating the pain.
There are 4 energies in the body (besides “stuck”): hot – cold – dry – damp.

One of these is causing the blockage that is creating your pain. Most likely, you have already discovered which one it is. You don’t look for an icepack to give you relief. You find relief, even if temporary, when you take a hot bath or put a hot water bottle on your belly. Right?

So the blockage is being caused by cold energy.

Drinking too many cold drinks and cold food, never having anything hot, if this went on in your life for a few years, has created a coldness deep in the body. If it gets colder it is called a “cold uterus.”

What can you do to start turning things around?

  • Do the free Radiant Wonder Fertility Massage the second week of your cycle each month
  • Do the free Radiant 8 Energy Exercises every day
  • Find some breathing exercises you like and do them everyday
  • Put warmth over your lower abdomen before ovulation
  • Eat and drink warm things
  • Try one of the products listed below. All 3 are very helpful.


Peony & Licorice

A Woman’s Vitality


1) If the pain is dull, crampy, achy you may take the formula Peony and Licorice – take 3 capsules every 4 hours.


If the pain is sharp and piercing – you may take the formula A Woman’s Vitality – take at least 1 capsule twice a day on the week leading up to your period.

2) If you have extremely severe sharp pain then take A Woman’s Vitality, but this time an extra dose or double your dose on the week before your period. Do not take this formula during your period unless you have spoken with an herbalist.  It is safe to take Peony and Licorice as directed above during the period for anyone.

*Balance is a lovely formula that helps increase blood flow and balances hormones, it can be taken throughout the entire month by itself or in combination with either of the other two formulas above.