A: It would be unusual for you to truly be in menopause at your age. When you’re faced with a lot of challenges in life, it’s easy for imbalances to occur. It’s also common to get hot flashes when the weather is hot and dry. The good news is they will most likely go away.

In Asia hot flashes are not a common occurrence until a woman is truly in menopause, which usually happens in her mid 50s. Why the difference?

Because women in Asia are receiving the benefits of herbs and a healthy diet, which keeps them balanced. With the right herbal support and understanding of food as medicine, you can start seeing results within a short period of time. There is nothing like being hot flash free, able to sleep well again, and knowing you did it yourself.

The Western answer to hot flashes is to add hormones to the body, to override your body’s hormonal balance. If you stop taking the hormones  the symptoms return, often worse than before.

The Eastern answer may take a little more time, but it addresses not only the symptoms, but also the root cause of the issue, so that it can be resolved long term. That way the symptoms won’t come back to haunt you later. If you support the body, nine times out of ten, it rediscovers its own natural balance and you no longer need the herbs.

So how does this work?

First of all, look beyond the diagnosis you may have been given and identify how you feel. Most likely you are feeling both hot and dry. This is the way of Chinese Medicine: become aware of the symptoms (hot and dry) and then address what changes you can make.

Next let’s identify the changes you want. You want to turn down the thermostat. You are hot, so you want to feel cooler. You also want more moisture.

Note: If you think about “hot” and “dry,” you can easily understand how they affect each other.


When you get too dry, there is no moisture to control the heat; when you get too hot, the moisture will be burning away. So you can understand why it might be difficult in the beginning to break the cycle of hot flashes! Once you turn that corner, it gets so much easier. So now, what can you do for yourself?

First, take your herbal formulas.

You want the powerful support of the right combination of herbal formulas to help you bring down the heat and bring in the moisture. Below are the most effective combos.


If you’re trying to get pregnant: Super Fertility #2 and Stress Relief

If you’re not trying to get pregnant: Super Nourishing Formula and Stress Relief

Second, think of certain foods as your medicine, foods that cool and foods that moisten.

“Food is your medicine and your medicine is food.” – Hippocrates, father of Western Medicine. In Asia, everyday people live this truth in their daily lives. It is part of daily life to use food to help the body. This sounds complicated, but it is actually simple. It’s so simple because all it means is to bring your attention to how you are feeling.

Only you can make the adjustments you need, because only you know how you are feeling inside. Now that’s taking charge of your own health and well being! Adding the right food to your Hot Flash Program will speed up your body’s ability to rebalance.

Let me suggest some helpful foods to help with hot flashes that you’ll also enjoy:

Cooling foods: Watermelon, Cucumber, Celery, Green Leafy Vegetables, Bamboo Shoots, Alfalfa Sprouts, Peppermint Tea.

Moistening Foods: Flax seed, fruits, melons, barley, millet, Slippery Elm Tea, Marshmallow Root Tea.


I am not suggesting you only eat these foods, just to be aware they can support your healing.

What else is causing heat in your body?

Fried foods, too much sugar, overeating at night, too many spicy foods, alcohol, too much chocolate, and exercising heavily in the late evening. If you do your best to reduce the above, it will greatly reduce the excess heat you’re experiencing. I am not telling you never to eat these foods. Just be aware. That’s the key, okay? To draw awareness to how certain foods and behaviors affect how you’re feeling.

Make some adjustments. Try adding certain foods to your diet or cutting other ones out. Your body will talk to you. Listen. If chocolate cake gives you more hot flashes, try eating it again. If it does the same thing, cut it out for a few months and see how it makes you feel. This is the way of Chinese Medicine: listening to the body and playing with the energies of the foods.