A: Hypertension or high blood pressure is considered rising energy in the body, a type of heat, just like headaches or hot flashes or irritability. So eating foods which help to cool that heat and avoiding foods which increase heat can be very supportive for your cardiovascular health.

So which foods can help you reduce the heat? Watermelon, celery, spinach, garlic, bananas, sunflower seeds, tofu, mung beans, bamboo shoots, apples, vinegar, honey.

For dramatic results? Drink room temperature celery juice 3 times a day. Drink water with a little vinegar and honey often. Eat 3 apples a day.

What can you cut back on because it increases heat in the body? too many spicy foods, coffee, caffeine and other stimulants, fatty or fried foods, salty foods, constipation (do whatever it takes to go everyday), pork, overeating , smoking tobacco or pot, white sugar, alcoholic drinks. Notice we suggest cutting back, not cutting out. If cutting out causes too much stress, stress also can increase your body’s internal heat.

And of course, the herbal supplements that help to ground that rising internal heat are many. We can help you make a good choice for your situation:

Pressure Ease 
Stress Relief
Headache Relief

DON’T stop taking pharmaceutical drugs. They protect your heart. Your job is to change your lifestyle and your diet and take herbs to help so you and your doctor can make adjustments as your health gets better.