A: Please do not worry. This does not happen to everyone, but it can certainly happen. It is temporary and it is a sign your body is making adjustments, positive adjustments.

There is nothing in these formulas that can harm you. They are so safe. Your body is working for you all the time, doing things you don’t understand. Your body works best with flexibility as it balances, not an exact schedule.

It needs this flexibility, to release what you don’t need or to rebuild what you do.. The formulas you are taking are famous for releasing blockage, in a very safe and gentle way. The formulas do many things, but they are also moving energy and blood. As this starts happening (usually right away) there may be, for even 3-4 months, some shifting with your cycle. It isn’t just your cycle that is shifting to a healthier place, it is your entire fertility health.

A few other reasons why your cycle might be irregular.

A shorter cycle might mean:

* There is some internal heat that needed to be released.That internal heat can be inflammation, maybe a really hot month in the summer, or intense chronic stress.

* You might be taking too many blood and energy moving formulas.
Understanding How to Adjust Your Formulas. (More is not always better!)