A: According to Chinese Medicine, it is before 11am when your body creates all the energy you’ll run on for the whole day. It’s the most important time to charge your digestive system up with warmth and energy. This means eating a warm breakfast or drinking a hot beverage.

Avoiding cold foods and drinks before 11am will help you get the right start to your day. Cold slows down and decreases the amount of energy you can produce. This is because your body is spending extra energy trying to warm up your system in order to digest the cold foods and liquids. Your body is burning energy trying to compensate and recover. Your body doesn’t want to feel like a refrigerator!

Of course you can get important nutritional value from lunch and dinner, but the window of time between when you get up and 11am is important. Let’s just entertain this idea and take a closer look at how you feel during those particular hours.

If you skip breakfast, what time do you get hungry? I bet you know. I remember when I skipped breakfast, or had a cold breakfast, especially if it had no protein in it, I would get really hungry at 10:30. It was like clockwork.

I would discipline my stomach saying, “You can wait until lunch because I don’t want to gain the extra weight.”

I also remember noticing that, by the time I got to lunch, I was never as hungry as I was at 10:30. Try experimenting with this yourself and see what happens. I bet you’ll find the same is true for you as well.

Don’t have cold yogurt for breakfast or drown your digestive system in an iced cold smoothie. Of course you don’t want to have a warm yogurt or smoothie, but at least let it be close to room temperature. Add a little hot water and test the temperature. Sip or eat it slowly over 10-15 minutes. There is wisdom in the old saying: “Drink your food and chew your drink.”